Implementing SCRUM in a hostile environment as a success

Yesterday I had had a talk at Scrumtisch München / JBoss User Group Munich in front of  a very interested audience, giving interesting and sound feedback.

Topic covered was:
From a point of view that sees Scrum as a negotiotion framework and a methodology embedded in a larger social, organizational and commercial context I want to discuss the core questions to make the implementation of Scrum and agile methods a success. Those points mainly deal with management and top management that should empower projects to live the values of agile project methodologies. لعبه الفواكه

Learning from roles and responsibilities of expert police negotiation teams an easy checklist can be derived to proof wether mangagement supports a transition or does the opposit. موقع like للربح This gives also a transparency on the true source of fire if you and your team(s) are burned – or as manager what you can really do to support. اين يلعب كريستيانو رونالدو

See my slides here: Download Slides

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Welcome to my newly setup site. كتيب قوانين لعبة اونو Here and then I will share ideas and information with you around IT/software development and project management topics or share some pictures with you. لعبه اون لاين

I am Michael, an experienced IT proffessional from Munich, Germany with an excellent knowledge on enterprise and web architecture, agile methodologies, offshoring and according legal and business questions. موقع باي بال

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JBoss One Day Talk 2011 – Interviews

The second round of the annual JBoss One Day Talk conference was a great success. We got 200 visitors on our second event with very good feedback. We were very proud to deliver such a good program with well known speakers on a real community budget.

We put some video interviews on youtube. It was great to see how they worked out, simply made with a Canon EOS 7 and a Rhode microphone on my old tripod:

Adam Bien on actual trends in JEE (Voice: German)

Stafan Tilkov on cloud computing trends (Voice: German)

Heiko Braun with an heads up on JBoss AS 7 (Voice: German)

Shashin Shinde explains Red Hat’s Open Shift and cloud strategy (Voice: English)

Daniel Lübcke on BPEL, BPM etc. (Voice: German)