Agile is legacy nowadays but needs being advocated even more!

Yes, I hesitate to continue writing on agile and agile methods as most is said elsewhere. Yet I have to claim that many people still don’t get the core concepts and values as crisp and sharp as needed.

It is also to be repeated again: It is not a method for developers or tech teams, it is a business method to create or adopt services and increase value for customers – and leadership needs drive the mind sets needed.

If agile don’t work out for you, it is an alarm sign on the healthiness of your organisation. I recommend you to analyse the root causes – not for the sake to implement agile, as it is still just a methodology – but for the sake to understand the issues of your organisation that are present independent on any method applied.

Why trying to explain the method for repetition myself, when Henrik Kniberg has produced excellent and easy2understand content already?!!

Please see his awesome video on “P(roduct) O(wner) in a Nutshell:

If you want to understand how it can be scaled out into larger organisations, I recommend as step 2 to check on his videos on the Spotify model:

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