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Welcome to my newly setup site. كتيب قوانين لعبة اونو Here and then I will share ideas and information with you around IT/software development and project management topics or share some pictures with you. لعبه اون لاين

I am Michael, an experienced IT proffessional from Munich, Germany with an excellent knowledge on enterprise and web architecture, agile methodologies, offshoring and according legal and business questions. موقع باي بال

Thank you for visiting and any comments.

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About leibfriedm

IT proffessional and agile project manager from Munich/Germany. I work for http://www.innoq.com as Sr. Consultant. My activities include supporting the JBoss User Group Munich in organizing the anual JBoss One Day Talk conference http://onedaytalk.org and photographing http://flickr.com/leibfriedm.

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